Processing & Value Addition
Introducing Cardinal Torch Cooperative’s Cashew Pro Plus​

Cashew Pro plus is the flagship processing membership package for intending Cashew exporters who see the wisdom in leveraging the collaborative strengths of Cardinal Torch Cooperative membership to become partakers in building a new non-oil export future for the Nigerian Economy.

Cardinal Torch Cooperative was set up in 2021 as a response to government directive to focus more on non-oil export. With rising national debt and dwindling proceeds from crude oil exploration, the government interest is sharply redirecting towards non-oil export as the sustainable approach to economic sourcing foreign exchange.

With rising national interest in commodities processing for export it became wise for Cardinal Torch Cooperative to come into being as a platform to enable members leverage collaborative strength to forage into commodities export for national and personal benefits.

In view of the foregoing, Cardinal Torch Cooperative assessed the value chains in the Agricultural commodities, understood the entry and critical success factors for commodities like Cocoa, Cashew, grains, tea etc. and has designed value-adding activities that will generate dividends for those who become members.

Generally there are three membership segments in the cooperative: the first is savings membership where members participate in the cooperative’s activities and dividends by saving money with the organization for a minimum of 1 year; the next is the out-growers membership targeted at farmers who want to enjoy good incentives and best-prices for their commodities; lastly we have the processing membership where subscribers collaborate to process raw commodities and export the semi-finished goods to international buyers.

The first processing membership package launched by Cardinal Torch Cooperative is the ‘Cashew Pro Plus” package. The name ‘Cashew Pro Plus’ stands for Cashew Processing plus additional value-addition; and it captures the essence of what the membership is all about. With the Cashew Pro Plus membership, subscribers learn about the Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) value chains, focus on the processing aspects of the value chain and collaborate to fulfill orders from international buyers.

So why Cashew Processing?

Nigeria is a leading producer of Cashews on the African continent with about 240,000 Metric tons of raw cashew nuts produced yearly. However, about 85% of that amount as RCN yearly. The earnings from Cashew nuts as with other commodities are greatly enhanced when they’re processed into semi-finished goods for export. For example, earnings can increase from a meagre $1,200 per metric ton of RCN to about $10,000 when processed. Compared to cocoa, Cashew commands a higher price per metric ton after processing. So for maximum benefit, Cardinal Torch Cooperative is choosing to begin with Cashew processing.

Processing of Cashews is an intense, time & resource consuming operation that employs a large number of people, especially women. By subscribing to the Cashew Pro Plus membership, you’re opting to collaborate with other members to pool resources purchase, process and trade large quantities of cashews internationally, thereby getting dividends for yourself or your organization, create employment for others and earn Foreign Exchange for Nigeria.

Click here to join the Cooperative.

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