Cashew Processing

The cashew tree is native to Brazil, but it is now grown in many tropical countries. The cashew nut is encased in a hard shell that must be removed before the nut can be eaten. Cashew processing generally involves four steps: removing the shell, drying the nut, roasting the nut, and then removing the skin.

Nigeria is one of the leading producer of cashews, and most of the country’s crop is exported as Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) which severely limits the earning capacity of exporters. The way to improve earnings from cashew export is to process and in order to process the cashews for export, they must be first dried, then shelled and cleaned. The drying process can be done either in the sun or in a dehydrator, and takes anywhere from two to seven days. Once the cashews are dry, they are fed into a machine that removes the shell. The final step is to clean the cashew kernels, which is usually done by hand.

Raw cashew nuts (RCN) from the cashew fruit

Profit from cashews
Cashew has successfully become a global commodity and attracts high value throughout the entire value chain. Value addition to raw cashew nut which is in high demand is one of the sure ways of profiting from the value chain. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, you may want to consider processing cashews. With the right equipment, you can turn raw cashews into a product that is ready to sell.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re getting started in cashew processing. First, you’ll need to have access to fresh, good-quality cashews. You’ll also need to have the right equipment. A good quality grinder is essential for getting the right consistency for your finished product.
Once you have your equipment in place, you’ll need to decide what kind of product you want to make. There are several options, including roasted cashews, salted cashews, and flavored cashews. Each one has its own unique flavor profile and market demand.

The key to making money from cashew processing is to find a niche market for your product. There are many ways to do this, including online marketing or selling through local retailers. Once you’ve found your market, you can start pricing your product and making profits.

Export cashews from Nigeria
Cashew export buyers
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